Blind Sailing November Training in Cowes

With the weather set to be wet but good winds all put a bit of homework in allowing coach David Bedford to plan the weekend along side the on board coaches for the weekend which thanks must be given to – Ian Shirra, Jonny Cormack, Jonny Stevenson, David Ross, Sarah Ross, Crash and Will with rib and shore support from Sam and Steven Hall and Lucy John.


Saturday morning starting with a coaching planning season for the weekend as per normal the weather had changed and light winds where forecast with the hope of breeze by mid day on Saturday. 


With David leading the plan and overview of the day highlighting the key areas being covered, communication mapping to rules and common terminology, starting and understanding yourself how you carry out the actions in the boat to be able to adjust and improve.


Boats where collect from East Cowes and ribbed to CCYC to allow onshore training but quick access to the Solent for when the wind appeared.  The mornings season was looking at starting breaking it down seeing the effects of wind changes in relations to areas you are able to start in then looking at where to start on the line.  All had great fun putting a visual picture into their minds to enable them to have a better understanding of starting and what their tactician where explaining each time they go out on to the water.  Creating the key pictures and building knowledge is very important when sailing with no or limited sight, being able to feel a tactile course helps.

At mid- day as expected light breeze filled the Solent and we set off for what we hoped would be some skills training then three short races, but with sailing the wind has its own mind.  A short season of skills in the boat then one race was achieved before the wind died, however, that one race was great to put the morning season into practice.  The evening was spent working on rules building up the basics that make up the rules that often look more complicated ie rule 18.

Sunday the weather again brought light winds and rain but with one down pour passed over head it was straight out on to the water, wind was light but after a 30 minuet drift the breeze quickly built to 10-12 knots, using a windward leeward course each boat worked on their individuals skills in relation to helming and crewing breaking it down and building it up correcting the errors and learning with sighted coach. After a while of using the windward leeward a start was added and we engaged into racing to apply the skills, pressure and rules we had learnt. 


It was an onboard debrief back to shore it would appear a great learning weekend and all have areas they have built on and areas they can continue to work on.


Big thanks to all including CCYC support and dog walkers you all made it a great weekend.    


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