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Our Sailing Progamme

As you will have read, we provide opportunities for all.  Blind Sailing operates 11 months of the year and we love a crisp winter sail.


Our online calendar will keep you up to date as well as our newsletter.  We run training weekends around the UK, as well as National events.


Thanks to the support of sponsors and our partnering Clubs our weekends are kept to a low cost but high value with a high level of fun.  All weekends are coached by qualified instructors and you will have an instructor onboard supporting your learning, as well as setting your own goals. 

Where Can You Meet Us In 2024



January /  February at Rutland Sailing Club.

February RYA Dinghyy Show 

Come and see us.

See our News page for the stories.


Who we are

Our aim is to help blind and partially sighted people sail at all levels. We organise regular training sessions and racing events. We provide coaching and help to enable novices to learn to sail. We also coach the more advanced to develop their skills to enable them to compete at both national and international events. We are supported by a number of excellent sailing schools & related organizations who provide their expertise, boats, venues and safety cover 



Within Blind Sport, there is a classification system that allows you to obtain a registered sight classification and allow you to attend events that are governed by this classification.

Sight classifications are important as they ensure a fair and equal competition.  Success at competitions should be defined by an athlete's skill and ability, not their impairment.  The sight classifications should give all athletes the confidence that they are competing against others equally.


Blind Sailing welcomes all sight classifications up to B4 when training and up to National Level.  However, in order to compete at International level, we are only permitted to take up to B3.  We work with British Blind Sport to ensure all are aware of their category.


For visually impaired sports in the UK, participants are graded into five sight categories, these are:


B1: This category encompasses no light perception in either eye up to light perception, but the inability to recognise shapes at any distance or in any direction.


B2 & B3: Both of these categories involve a low level of usable partial vision, those in the B3 category will be able to see more than those graded as B2. B3 is the highest category used for international & Paralympic sport.


Match Sailing

Match Racing is where the sighted volunteers and coaches step out of the boat at the 7-minute gun. The racecourse and boats are marked by audible sounds - each buoy marking the course giving out a different sound. Each boat also makes a different sound depending on its tack. UK Blind Sailing are very successful in this area and train hard to deal with the close racing from around the world, utilising skills and working together as a team, in order that the opposing team receives penalities. 


As with fleet racing, no rules are changed, other than the course and boats being audible.

Match racing and fleet racing run alongside each other, as fleet racing gives the sailors the skills and confidence needed to step into the boat ready to race. 


Fleet Sailing

In Fleet racing, we compete as a team of four. Two sighted crew members carrying out the role of tactician and crew and two VI's - one on the helm and one on the mainsail. The racing runs from national to international level and is divided into the three sight categories previously mentioned. This creates an even playing field with B1’s racing B1’s etc. We have had a great string of successes in all three categories. Our sighted volunteers give vast amounts of time whilst we work to become a team, each knowing the roles of others. The sighted tactician creates a visual image of the racing and tactics required. As with all sailing having the skills to feel the wind and know you are in the groove as a VI creates a successful team. The racing is very close, and no changes are made to the sighted rules of sailing. 

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