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Blind Sailing looks to provide opportunities for all.   We work closely with our sponsors and club that partner with Blind Sailing who enable us to operate.  We are about enabling and empowering all visually impaired and blind sailors and creating and sharing as many opportunities as we can.  Please read down and hear about our sponsors and partners.

Rooster Ltd

Rooster Ltd has been onboard with Blind Sailing since 2019 where they supported the team in becoming World Blind Sailing Champions and then partnered with Blind Sailing supporting our events and supporting the team with great kit.  All blind sailors relie on feeling warm and safe with the ability to move with ease, and Rooster certainly provides this.

Our shop will be online shortly with Rooster watch this space but for now please go to

South Cerney Sailing Club 

Blind Sailing has clubs and centers across the UK that support our charity's activities as a large group, or take some of our individual sailors under their wing as part of our #SailatHome project.  This means so much and allows our activities. to carry on.  But, since 2020 South Cerney Sailing club has made Blind Sailing members and given the charity a base.

They have opened their doors and provided their facilities to train both on and off the water and also access to their club boats.  It's a partnership that is providing more access outside of our regular weekends.

See more about South Cerney Sailing Club at 

If your club or center would like to get involved please contact us below.

South Cerney Sailing Club membership .jpeg

Blind Week

Blind Sailing UK is also a keen supporter of VI Sailing Week, “Blind Week”, where many of our volunteer and VI sailors started.  It is one of the largest and longest-running events in the VI sailor’s calendar. 


Blind Week brings together 20 to 25 yachts, mostly provided by their sighted owners/volunteers, which gather at one of the south coast‘s major yacht clubs in early summer.   No experience needed just love to be part of a team and interest or growing interest of being on the water. 


The week will see you make new friends and learn new skills, Blind weeks, 20-25 strong fleet breaks down into smaller fleets of around five boats.  But do not worry if you are new VI crew introductions and briefings are arranged before the fleet sets sail.  It is a great experience the week's itineraries will see you visit different harbors, where you will sleep onboard overnight, You can do as much or as little but I am sure like our experienced sailors you will be taking the helm on day sailing passages as your skills and confidence grow. The event is suitable for VI adults who are completely new to sailing as well as those with experience. 


An account of the event from a VI sailor’s perspective can be found at

To gain a feel for what the week is like go to, RYA Sailability YouTube at     


To express interest and obtain application details for the event please email


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