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Sailing Through January: Training for Success

 Well, we hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year.


We don’t normally step onto the water this early in the year, but with the Blind Match Racing Worlds fast approaching training and selection was key.  2018 and GBR 1,2 in Scotland seem's so far away.


We are thankful to all our volunteers and clubs that support each weekend.  We are truly grateful.  January was hosted by Rutland Sailing Club and big thanks to David Wilkins who is supporting the charity in the access to ribs and RS21.

Karl defrosting the ropes


With the next two events on lakes and in keelboats it is key training, and the quick access to accommodation and classrooms makes January sailing key.


The group had two focuses 1) Match Racing 2) Core skills, of which is key to all the sailing we do.


Colin slightly chilly and we have not launched

The wind was up, but at Rutland so many places to sail where we get shelter, and a reef in the sail makes it a great place.


Saturday with the reef in both groups looked at key focuses.  Lucy and Karl looked at the boat on the pre-start and the skills group focused on each element of the boat they were positioned with a focus of footwork.


Two crews down wind blue skys

Steve, Tim and Colin put Lucy and Karl through their paces, using the rib as the opponent, looking at keeping potion on the line and other boat and never stopping and losing speed.  You might say for a day that had a lot of wind forecasted we put in the hours until 4:30 pm.  With happy learning faces, we will call it.


The skills team headed up by Jonny and Sarah had a great Saturday, placement of both feet along with the timing of the pull of a rope or the push or pull of the tiller is key, not only does it make you feel comfortable as a VI moving in the boat, but the boat also moves smooth, and the boat moves as a team.  All too came off the water with smiles.


Friday evening as some would say was spent debriefing in 2 Spoons, it is not just the sailing that makes the charity it is the evenings where people can talk and gain advice or guidance from others on any aspect of life.


Was not long and all were in bed some brushing up on Match racing skills!!


Sunday winds were still strong, so out on the water early and in for 12.  The winds were still within the limits we would race but were due to build quickly at 13:00 as the storm was hitting later in the night and key was to get everyone home before it hit.


It was great to see all taking into Sunday their look back at Saturday's areas of focus and progress.  And seeing some of our sailors helming smoothly, who normally say no is great progress.  You may not stay as a helm but being able to carry out each role and understand the effects each movement has in each area of the boat is key alongside communication.  If the main sheeter keeps the main tight in and you are looking to bare away it won’t work.


After a very quick de-brief, it was off home the winds were approaching.


We cannot say thank you enough to all who volunteer and to Rutland Sailing Club.


Not long and it will be February.





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