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GBR Blind Sailing Teams Set To Defend Their World Title

The teams are set to fly to Sheboygan on the 9th September to take part in the 2017 World Blind Sailing Championships being hosted by Sail Sheboygan in conjunction with World Sailing.

The event will see teams from around the World take part in three categories graded by sight, B1 totally blind, B2 can count fingers, B3 some useful vision, all sailing as a team for the Squadron Cup currently held by GBR.

The teams will be racing in sonars on Lake Michigan. Great Britain Blind Sailing started their selection process in October at their national championships, giving all sailors a chance to grow putting on monthly training and offering one to one coaching.

Lucy Hodges Commodore of Blind Sailing said, it has been great creating a programme giving all the chance to grow and bring in different coaches that offer different skills. This year has seen the sighted volunteers put in s large effort against each other to gain their spot on the team. I have also tried to get more sailors out on the water and this Worlds will see Catherine Westbrook take part as B1 crew, Catherine has been a great find, she is out racing every week in able bodied fleets, and to others no one would know she is totally blind.

I am pleased to share the following team;


Sharon Grennan

Catherine Westbrook

Martin Moody

Ian Shirra


Lucy Hodges

Toby Davey

Colin Midgley

Ben Hazeldine


Chris Albert

Laura Cammidge

Jonny Cormack

Jonny Stevenson


Justin Smith

David Hawkins

Sally Rodriguez

Mark Austin

We are still looking for sponsors, especially for kit and funds towards transport and entry, please emil

We thank all that have supported us to this stage and we hope we do you proud.

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