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Great Britain Become World Champions.

GBR Team with Squadron Cup 2017, USA Blind Fleet Racing World 2017.

GBR woke with all to play for in the B1, B3 fleets. The wind was light from the South South Westerly which through the morning swung to the West. The B2 and B3 were out first with two races scheduled.

B2 had secured Gold with a day to spare, but were looking to keep their clean sweeps of first’s, but went out to give Canada and USA a strong day of racing. GBR match raced USA out to the right of the start, ending the week as USA had started with hunting GBR down. But GBR showed strong skills and tactics, tacking on each shift, seeing them take two wins, ending the regatta with straight wins.

B3’s had a point between them going into the last two races. With the wind shifting all the time it was the teams with their heads out of the boat that came out on top. Justin Smith caught all the shift a saw him take a win and Jonny Cormack come in 3rd. It was down to the last race seeing GBRa and GBRb go head to head and with a call of starboard from GBRb Justin Smith saw GBRa Jonny Cormack take a penalty turn. It was then down to the last two legs, Jonny Cormack worked the sifts and saw them round the top mark in first, taking the win to become World Champions and GBRb Justin Smith take silver.

B1’s were in joint first going into the last day of racing, the wind had dropped but the wind was still shifty and patchy. All teams were pushing hard on the starts seeing a general recall. But racing got under way and in all races it saw all teams swop places on both the beats and the runs, seeing those that got on the left hand side of the beat often come out in the lead. GBR B1 team battled hard, but it was not meant to be but after a good week of racing they took silver.

Great Britain after a strong week of racing from all teams, they took they became overall World Champions seeing them take the cup back to the UK. We thank the Sheboygan Yatch Club, SEAS and all the volunteers that have this event happen.

It has been amazing having Steve Irish coaching the team during the Worlds supporting through what has been some close racing, we are truly grateful.

We owe a large thank you to all our sponsors, supporters and our followers for supporting the team, throughout training and during the Worlds. Marine Skills Academy, Dubarry of Irland, Gill, Adidas, Barton Marine, Aquapac, Optimum Time and Morrison and Foerster.

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