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We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank all for their support

Merry Christmas

The year of 2017 is coming to a close and as it does, the GBR team celebrated their success with a Christmas party/training weekend as World Champions thanks to CCYC members and the Ross family for a fitting end to the year.

As we look back on the year becoming World Champions at Sheboygan, America. Gold in the B2 category, Silver in the B1 and in the B3 category GBRa Johnny Cormack won Gold and GBRb Justin Smith secured Silver.

We also supported Scarlet Bennett with her PR degree, allowing her to provide support and suggestions for our scoail media and how they work together.

Part of this work Scarlet interviewed two of the sighted team about Blind Sailing and the Worlds and what sailing means to them;

Sighted Crew Johnny Stevens

  • “Sailing is so fun so it relaxes me, which helps with stress at work.”

  • “I felt amazing after winning the World Championships this year.”

Sighted Tactician Martin Moody

  • “Winning the team trophy was a joy, to see the happiness on people’s faces and the sense of achievement felt by the whole team after a year of hard work was fantastic and very rewarding.”

  • “Working with a team that can overcome disabilities, and perform at such a high level is rewarding to know that you are helping others to enjoy the sport I have for the majority of my life is fantastic.”

  • “The effort put into the planning of training weekends and the commitment of people to travel the length of the country showed the passion and enthusiasm that the VI and sighed sailors have.”

  • “Continuing sailing with this team is a joy, introducing new VI sailors and sighted sailors to the sport that gives confidence and trust to all involved is a fantastic privilege.”

These comments sum up some of the feelings of the year which also sore, new sailors took to the water both visually impaired and sighted. New technology helping sailors become part of the team.

This stands the charity in good stead to start 2018. The charity’s top priority for next year is the Match Race World Championships, which is hoped to be in end of August early September 2018 and to be held in a Scotland.

The team have been working hard to raise the profile of the charity here are some highlights.

Ben Hazeldine B2 Sighted Tactician – Ben shared his live on That’s Solent TV a great interview see the interview here;

Ben sitting on the sofa in the sudio

Sally Rodrigues B1, This year I have been lucky enough to Secure sponsorship for my sailing training, via the Everyone Active sports champions scheme. In October Sally was privileged enough to meet both Colin Jackson and Makayla Breeze, former Olympians! This was at a mentoring session put on by Everyone Active. In November Sally featured on the TV programme ‘GP’s behind close doors’. The footage was taken in August, so before I went to the world Championships. Sharing what The GB blind sailing team were about to undertake with the viewers!

Sally with Colin Jackson

Lucy, Sharon and Toby – took a trip to BBC studios to talk about the Worlds and getting involved with Blind sailing on the BBC Radio 4 InTouch programme.

Ben, Lucy – Attended the Royal Cinque Ports /Yacht Club Pickle Night sharing their story’s of the racing and joining in with the evenings festivities seeing £1010 raised for Blind Sailing.

Ben, Lucy and Marine Skills Acadamy with Bernard

Lucy, Jonny Stevenson, Catherine – Attended the Superyacht UK Xmas get together, Lucy presented all there was to know about Blind Sailing in an inspirational talk that has raised over £2500. This is thanks to the support of Marine Skills Academy and the team look forward to joining them in Dover in January to be put through their passes on sea survival.

Once again there is so much more to mention but our thanks goes to all that follow us and support us raising funds.

Team in London with Superyatch UK

We have our new campaign website live on Justgiving please share;

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