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May Training in Windermere.

May saw us back in the Lake District with the sun shining but the wind blowing strong and gusts from all directions.

But this did not stop three groups getting out on to the water, with Ark Sailing, Ian Shirra taking, two new VI's for their introduction to keelboat sailing and starting on their journey to RYA Start Sailing. Kate a B1 and Chloe a B3 joined the group from different parts of the country.

Windermere Activity Centre looked after two more groups, looking at Matching Racing and communication, which included our youth team.

The wind was strong and gusty from all directions, but in Ian's words, at first our new sailors had a slight look of what happens when the boat heels over to a strange feeling angle, but with great training from Ian with support from Dan both sailors loved getting the guardrail under the water and came off at the end of the day with smiles feeling a great sense of freedom from being out on the lake, being in control of the direction they sailed in and starting to learn what sailing is about.

Colin and team looking at communication.

Under the instruction of Colin, Eddie worked with his team on communication Eddie is a B1 sailor but also is deaf, but with the aid of a hearing loop, Eddie is able to work with his team. This weekend was about working out the keywords for that racing situation. It is key to make sure that no two words used sounded the same, this takes us back to the roots of sailing and it terminology of when Port and Starboard were given their names. A simple example was heavy and Eddie. But communication is key to all sailing and the ability to work as a team. It was also great to see other teams building in confidence holding their weight down to leeward and waiting for the right moment to keep the boat speed up. We also had our youth team out on the water Patrick and Will both be working on moving from a solo dinghy to working together with a goal of the 2019 Fleet Racing World Championships as an under 21 GBR team.

Will and Patrick

Saturday evening saw the group enjoy a barbeque hosted by Windermere Activity Centre and Blind Sailing, it was great to see so many guests that help out with Blind Sailing in Windermere and have a chance to say thank you over a burger. Thanks to all the cooks.

Sunday the wind had dropped but the guests were still about, but this did not stop our new sailors that were back out and working towards their first qualification.

Two other group build on their learning from Saturday, but in close quarters with the aim of getting to the top mark first. This showed to all that it does help to have that vision on the water when the wind shifts come from all directions, but each team kept up their learning looking to see how they can work on catching the sifts.

Sunday finished was the group heading in Bowness for a light meal and an ice cream in the Sunday, it was great to see that mother nature let the wind drop just as we finished.

Thank you all that supported.

Lucy, Liam and Sharon, Windermere dinghy.

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