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Day 2 At The Blind Match Racing World Championships

All teams arrived at the beautiful Rhu Marina, hoping for a start time of 10.00, but the sun was shining and the water was a perfect mirror. So the AP was displayed by the Race Committee and the waiting game started.

It wasn't a long wait, by 11.00 the teams were called to the East Race Area, where the breeze was due to build and by 11.30 the final races of the first Round Robin started to take place.

GBR 2 had two races to finish the first Round Robin, seeing them first take on the USA. It was a great close match, seeing GBR and USA battle up and down the race course. GBR gained one penalty but was quick to clear on their first downwind leg. GBR on the final beat took the right-hand side of the course seeing them in the stronger tides. The USA carried on up the beat taking to the Left-hand side making a split, then taking the lead. But a double tack at the top mark in the light breeze saw them slow and GBR managed to regain the lead and take the win.

GBR 2 then had AUS waiting for them in the next Flight - the gaining tide was starting to play a big part. But when you don't have the ability to see the tide, it is up to the sailors to put the information which has been given by the coaches into practice.

GBR again battled throughout the start with AUS, the battle carried on for the whole race. But it was GBR again keeping more speed in the light conditions and took another win.

GBR1 had a short wait to start their day as the wind dropped to around 2 knots. But it was not long before a constant 5 knots was across the whole Race Course. GBR 1 took on Canada for their first race in the second Round Robin -

A good battle at the start saw both boats spinning and trying to gain position, but GBR 1 kept an eye on the start line and lead back first. Keeping good boat speed around the course help them to take their first win of the day.

The wind was decreasing slowly but the race committee held one more match which saw the two GBR teams meet - with a small battle on the start line GBR 1 had a good strong start working the tide to the top mark. It was great to see the teamwork across both GBR boats, constant communication and keeping the boats moving. Which lead to an amazing race which GBR 1 won, keeping them on their 100% winningrecord.

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