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Great Britain Blind Sailing Are Heading To The 2019 Blind Fleet Racing World Championships.

Starting on the 1st September, Kingston Yacht Club, in Canada will be hosting teams from around the World. Great Britain will be looking to defend the Squadron Cup, alongside setting their sights on individual medals. In 2017 the team came home with two Golds and two silvers alongside being crowned overall World Champions.

After a tough selection process the teams that will be representing GBR are;


Tactician – Jonny Cormack

Sighed Crew – Jonny Stevenson

VI Mainsheeter – Chris Albert

VI Helm – Liam Cattermole


Tactician – Ben Hazeldine

Sighed Crew – Gary Butler

VI Mainsheeter – Martin Phillips

VI Helm – Lucy Hodges


Tactician – Martin Moody

Sighed Crew – Tim Mills

VI Mainsheeter – Dennis Manning

VI Helm – Vicki Sheen


Tactician – Colin Midgley

Sighed Crew – Will Morris

VI Mainsheeter – Mark Austen

VI Helm – Sally Rodrigues

This year alongside some experienced volunteers, GBR is sending their youngest volunteer Will Morris, Will is 16 and has been volunteering since the age of 14 for Blind Sailing. He brings so much to the team and is able to adapt to any situation and able to share his knowledge with blind sailors in a way they can understand. Without prompting, Will taught a group of sailors about the gusts that were appearing on the water, he took their hands and used his figures across their palm showing how the gusts were hitting the water and how they moved, a special moment when you can think on your feet and share your knowledge in this way.

Alongside Will, we have a breath of sighted volunteers some providing over 20 years of volunteering to Blind Sailing. But we are also owe a hug thanks to those volunteers not at the worlds who provide support to enable training.

All teams have been working hard to raise funds but we still short of the funds needed to support the team if you can help in anyway please email

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