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Sailor Girl - Nic Douglass has an adventure with Blind Sailing UK

Blind Sailing were truly thankful to Nic Douglass Adventures of a Sailor Girl for supporting the team the the Keel Boat League final.

Nic posted:

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to help out Blind Sailing UK when they raced in the final of the British Keelboat League. This was a first for blind sailors, qualifying to race against 21 other able-bodied teams from all over the UK.

I have to say, that what this whole team do is incredibly humbling and inspiring, and it was entertaining but also lovely that so many, even up until the second day of the regatta, didn't realise that Lucy or Eddie were blind. They were part of the fleet, and really sending it in there with the help of two amazing sailors, Gary Butler and Ben Hazeldine (now to be called the "on-water guide dog") who put so much in to helping Blind Sailing happen and giving Lucy Hodges and Edward Kitchen the ability to be free.

Even though Lucy had never raced these types of boats with a spinnaker before, she took it on, and led her team through this adventure with her impressive attitude completely focussed on "just keeping the boat moving".

You can see the full videos and reports here:

Can not say thank you enough to RYA Sailability, Royal Thames and RS Sailing for making the weekend so special and for all teams racing the Blind Sailing Team so hard.

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